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"David Caceres"

A twenty-first century musician would be one who is proficient in all of the inventions and dimensions of jazz, and can speak the languages of R&B, country, folk and pop - both instrumentally and vocally. On his self-titled, Sunnyside debut, the Houston-based alto saxophonist/vocalist/composer/educator David Caceres shows why he's a musician who fits that bill.
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David Caceres - Vocals/Saxophone, Larry Grenadier - bass, Bill Stewart - drums, Shedrick Mitchell - organ, Bashiri Johnson - percussion, Larry Campbell - guitarist - Aaron Parks, piano
Sunnyside Records 2010

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1. Breakfast Club
2. Prelude to a Kiss
3. On the Clock
4. Sacred Path
5. I Hear a Rhapsody
6. Reflections
7. Helen's Dilemma
8. You're My Everything
9. Dance Story

David Caceres - Vocals/Saxophone and more...
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1. Bye Ya
2. You Don't Know What Love Is
3. Innermost
4. Only The Lonely
5. Tres Blues
6. From Ponch
7. Gone With The Wind
8. Big Toe
9. Remembering Abigail
10. You're Looking At Me

David Caceres - Vocals/Saxophone, Joe Ferreira - drums, Dave Nichols - bass, Eddie Hobizal - piano, Paul Chester - guitar


1. Flight Of The Cake (Episode 1)
2. Nicosia
3. Buffalo Chicken Blues
4. Stars Fell on Alabama
5. When Lights Are Low
6. If I Should Lose You
7. Kat's Groove
8. Mr. M. R.
9. Poor Butterfly
10. More Bounce
11. Mr. M. R. (Alternate Take)

David Caceres - Vocals/Saxophone, Cliff Schmitt - bass, Sebastian Whittaker - drums

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